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The UAE's determined shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy extends to the manufacturing industry, which plays a pivotal role on a global scale. This transition fosters environmental responsibility, fuels innovation, and drives economic growth. By embracing renewables and sustainability, the UAE leads global climate efforts, securing a brighter future for its various sectors.


Renewable Sources by 2050

5,000 MW

Produced by Solar Power


Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Estidama Initiatives.

Partner with us for sustainable design solutions. We craft products that meet your needs while minimizing environmental impact. From materials to energy efficiency, we prioritize sustainability at every step, ensuring your vision aligns with your green principles.

We Prioritize:

In our design and engineering approach, we prioritize simplicity to reduce complexity, costs, and potential errors.

We place a strong emphasis on responsible material selection by prioritizing options that align with your sustainability goals. Our choices favor materials that are easily recyclable, crafted from recycled sources and/or biodegradable.

We create components that can be easily replaced or upgraded without affecting the entire system's functionality. It enhances your products adaptability and sustainability.

Designing products for easy disassembly with clear labeling aids in efficient disposal, facilitating the identification of recyclable materials and disassembly processes.

Committing to sustainability and eco-friendly materials doesn't mean compromising product durability. True sustainability is achieved by creating enduring products that withstand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and conserving resources.

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