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Impactful innovations

Impactful innovations.

Powerful progress.

Our environmental commitment stands as the cornerstone of our ethos, reflecting our unwavering dedication to safeguarding our planet's well-being for future generations. At every level of our operations, from product design and manufacturing processes to supply chain management and beyond, we uphold the highest standards of sustainability and responsibility.

We recognize that our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is a shared endeavor amongst our network, and we actively collaborate with others to amplify our initiatives and drive progress within our industries.

Better Quality

Better Quality

Enhancing product longevity and minimizing defects, custom manufacturing offers superior quality control by tailoring products to meet precise requirements and standards.

Better Quality

Energy Efficiency

Producing goods precisely when and where they are needed can significantly enhances energy efficiency, this approach eliminates the wasteful practice of overproduction.

Better Quality

Local Production

Localizing procurement in manufacturing reduces environmental impacts associated with long-distance production and transportation, leading to lower carbon emissions.

Better Quality

Sustainable Design

Environmentally conscious design and material choices, enables the creation of products that prioritize energy efficiency, reduce resource usage, and minimize the carbon footprint.

One Part at a Time

Impacting the Globe
One Part at a Time

At AM Lab, we're proud of our mission to re-energize manufacturing by making it easy for businesses to access manufacturing on demand while also reducing our carbon footprint.

Clean Energy is
NO longer
an option.

By 2030, AM Lab commits to manufacturing all products with 90% clean energy, targeting a reduction in emissions by transitioning partners to renewable sources. This aims to utilize 5 million megawatt-hours of clean energy annually, avoiding 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

  • Material Sourcing

    Our dedication to sourcing sustainably not only aligns with our values but also ensures that our products and services are not just of the highest quality but also environmentally responsible, benefitting both our customers and the planet.

  • Manufacturing Network

    We continuously monitor and evaluate the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes, seeking opportunities for improvement. This includes regular assessments and audits to identify areas of improvment.

  • Product End-of-life

    We initiate the management of a product's end-of-life by implementing effective solutions that contribute to a circular economy, conserving resources and minimizing environmental impact.