Redefining Manufacturing Standards

The AM Lab standards go beyond mere benchmarks; they embody our unwavering commitment to redefining manufacturing excellence. These standards are the cornerstone of our platform, mirroring our dedication to delivering unparalleled quality, reliability, and innovation to you. Each aspect of our operation is infused with these principles, ensuring that we not only meet but consistently exceed your expectations.

The AM Lab.

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Look No Further: Our MENA Network

Look No Further: Our MENA Network

Our extensive regional network of manufacturers in MENA provides you with a dependable solution for accelerated part sourcing. Experience lead times as short as five days and enjoy a smoother process with fewer shipping and compliance challenges.

We Set The Bar High

We Set The Bar High

The AM Lab has developed a set of processes to make sure the highest manufacturing standards are applied to every custom part you order. We inspect each order dimensionally and visually, both during and after production, so that your custom components are delivered on time. Our commitment to quality assurance is at the core of everything we do.

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Auditing Procedures

We understand that quality and consistency are paramount in our competitive industries. Our meticulous network audit process is designed to ensure that every aspect of our manufacturing operations not only meets but consistently exceeds industry benchmarks. This includes rigorous quality audits conducted during our annual site visits, allowing us to assess capabilities and uphold stringent quality control standards, thereby guaranteeing unwavering quality across our network.

Dimensional Accuracy Verification Image
Dimensional Accuracy Verification
Non-Conformity Reports (NCR) Reports Image
Non-Conformity Reports (NCR) Reports
Packaging Guidelines Checks Image
Packaging Guidelines Checks
Compliance Standard Review Image
Compliance Standard Review
Cosmetic Quality Inspection Image
Cosmetic Quality Inspection
Quality Control Reports Image
Quality Control Reports

Leave It To Us...

Our teams ensure that these procedures are not just words on paper but guidelines that are upheld. We rigorously monitor and enforce these protocols to guarantee that your parts not only meet but consistently exceed the highest quality benchmarks set by industry standards and regulations.

Team Competency
Examine Quality of Standard Operating Procedures
Regularity Compliance (ISO/AS)
Batch Records and Production Logs
Comprehensive Inventory Management (FIFO)
Supplier Documentation
Quality Control
Documented Inspection Procedures
Analyze Sampling Techniques
Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Procedures
Production & Packaging
Environmental Conditions During Production (Temprature, humidity, cleanliness)
Maintained and Calibrated Manufacturing Equipment
Evaluate Handling & Packagaing

Our Standards

Technical Assessment

Technical Assessment

Prior to commencing the production phase, our engineering team conducts a thorough technical evaluation of your part's design. This evaluation includes material selection, surface finish evaluation, structural considerations, and a comprehensive review of both 3D and 2D drawings.

On-site Inspection
In Production

On-site Inspection

From the moment your order is in production, it enters a meticulous procedure that prioritizes quality at every step. Our team ensures that each element, from material selection to machining and finishing, is inspected and met with precision.

Quality Control
Final Production

Quality Control

We provide a detailed inspection report validating the parts' production quantity, dimensions, and appearance. During this stage, we meticulously assess the order's color, texture, and other subtle physical attributes to ensure each aspect meets the highest standards.



To address logistics' unpredictability, we've established a thorough packaging process to protect your parts in transit. Our multi-layer system, varying by destination, includes wrapping paper, EPE, foam, and box packaging, ensuring defect-free arrival of your products.

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